Best practices: how to use SmartReplay efficiently?

There are a million ways to making a SmartReplay. Our intuitive platform lets you integrate and compare up to 43 videos per SmartReplay. There is litterally no limit to your creativity! However, here are some quick tips and best practices if you want to properly get started with the product.

Maximizing marketing efficiency

Everyone knows the common saying “Less is more”. The more menus and options you will create, the less intuitive the user experience will be. The key to making great SmartReplays is to create enough menus to provide users with a lot of options, without flooding them with possibilities.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Choices: Try and avoid creating more than 4 menus and 4 sub-menus per SmartReplay. A product that combines 3 to 4 menus and 3 submenus is a really efficient and intuitive format.


  • Texts: Be concise. Users have to understand in a heartbeat what they’re about to watch when clicking on your menus. Try your best not to exceed 5 words per menu title (notably for submenus).


  • Icons: Choose compelling icons to illustrate your menus. If your menu is about politics, try to think about images that you directly think of when you talk about politics. It can be a ballot box, for instance!


  • SmartReplay Templates: Visually, brands generally have two main colors. Use these colors to customize your template (your SmartReplay player). You can set your darker color as your menus’ passive color and use the lighter one for the active colors. We recommend you leave the font and the icons white, they will be clearer that way.

These tips will give you the best weapons to produce impactful SmartReplays and innovate with this new kind of DIY storytelling.

Best practices: Reaching users on social media

SmartReplay is a huge value add for your native platforms (websites, apps) as it boosts users’ retention, addiction and engagement.

While native integration in social media’s posts and feeds is not possible (for now…), you can still promote your SmartReplays and increase rebound rate following these quick tips:

  • Make a quick video demo of the product (8 to 10 sec where you jump around the menus) and post it on social networks so that your followers can directly see how it works. They get intrigued.


  • Below the video, provide the link to the SmartReplay on your website (with arrows or fingers icons to highlight the importance of the link)


  • If you want to go further, you can embed your SmartReplays directly in a Facebook page’s tab thanks to the Static HTML tab app

Technical efficiency

To make a perfect SmartReplay, you just have to upload your videos in the right format.

  • Upload your videos in a .mp4 format, the most common video file format (with H264 video codec and AAC audio codec)


  • Your videos must be in a 16/9th format (1920×1080, 1280×720, 854×480, 640×360…)


With those best practices, you’re good to go! You’re now ready to make awesome SmartReplays and to track your audience’s interests in real time thanks to the SmartReplay platform’s dashboard

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