Beta : the SmartReplay platform is now live !

After six months of tough work, we are proud to release the beta version of the SmartReplay platform. More than 50 premium brodcasters, content agencies, corporate firms, sports clubs and ad networks from all over the world will have access to the platform’s full unlimited features for 30 days.

Your content goes interactive in 5 minutes

Nothing is easier than creating a SmartReplay. First, you have to customize your player so that it reflects your brand and its values. We call that creating a Template. You can customize your menus’ colors, your logo, your font, your animations and all sort of stuff.

Once you’ve done that, you can start making your SmartReplays. They will all look like the template you created. Of course you can amend your template or create a new one any time you want.

The best beta we could imagine !

Even us couldn’t imagine it would be that easy to make SmartReplays. There are only three steps.

  • 1 – Upload your videos
  • 2 – Drop your videos on your menus
  • 3 – Edit your menus (icons, text and timecodes)

And that’s it ! You’ll then have to embed the SmartReplay you created to your websites and apps thanks to a simple iframe code you will have to paste on your article.

You’ll be able to adjust its height and its width to perfectly fit your needs.

Real time data and more to come during the beta

As a content producer, you not only use SmartReplay to provide users with an individualized video experience, you can also track their interests and behavior in real time to improve your content strategy.

On your dashboard you can track your audience’s interests towards your content and your overall SmartReplays’ activity. 

During the beta program, we’ll keep on implementing new charts such as video completion and user-path behavioral charts.

All-in-one solution

At SmartReplay, we believe nothing has to limit your creativity. That’s why our subscriptions come along with unlimited features. You can make as much SmartReplays and Templates as you want.

We also believe you don’t have to be bothered with the tech side of content creation. You just have to be creative. That is why we manage the boring stuff : we deal with the transcoding, the storage and the delivery of your video content.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to be part of the beta program !

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