Case Study : AS Roma boosts fan engagement

AS Roma soccer club chose to use the SmartReplay platform for a series of engaging videos to empower their fans in their content consumption. They agreed to run a case study about their use of SmartReplay.

The Challenge

AS Roma Head of Digital Paul Rogers truly believes in the benefits of empowering supporters as he explained in this article published on The Drum. The club was looking for an innovative digital tool with a “fans first” approach.

“Supporters don’t want a passive experience. They want more control over how, when and where they interact with content and we’ve found a company in SmartReplay who are thinking the same way” – Paul Rogers, AS Roma.

AS Roma did a series of two SmartReplays, trying out different formats :

These SmartReplays were embedded onto AS Roma’s websites and apps and played very well on both desktop and mobile devices.

A strong community impact

The reaction from soccer supporters was great as you can see on the tweets below.


At SmartReplay, we’ve even had Italian supporters thanking us privately !

Case study : Interesting KPIs and data

We got two types of really interesting data accross these two AS Roma products. On the one hand key performance indicators showing the true efficiency of SmartReplay for sports, and on the other hand editorial data showing the interests of AS Roma’s audience.

Performance :

  • 4 choices made per user
  • 15% of users come back to the same SmartReplay
  • 56% more users on post-match SmartReplay

Editorial data :

  • 45% prefer “Goals” popular content, 55% prefer “Reactions” and “Chances” ones.
  • Edin Dzeko player is the #1 interest accross all “Goals”, “Reactions” and “Chances” menus.

All of this data shows two things.

First, that SmartReplay is a great format that creates retention and addiction.

  • Users watch more different content as it is individualized and contextualized
  • Users come back to the same SmartReplay
  • SmartReplays with “hot” content attract more users

Second, it reveals interesting behavioral data about AS Roma’s digital audience.

  • 45% of users prefer watching “Goals” sequences – as one could expect
  • 55% of users prefer watching “Reactions” and “Chances” videos (traditionally less efficient content) – as they get a direct and contextualized choice in the player.
  • Edin Dzeko videos attract more clicks accross all contexts – it’s great knowing for AS Roma’s content production and fan engagement strategy.

This example with AS Roma shows that when given the opportunity, fans really individualize their experience and tend to discover more content.

When they get a taste of this new way of consuming content, they come back to it.

Towards social optimization


One way of attracting more audience to SmartReplays on websites and portals is to publish visually engaging teasers of it on social networks. These teasers can be screenshot videos or GIFs showing how the product works.

That way, we found out there is a 30% to 60% increase in users’ rebound rate from social networks.

We’ve also recently announced support for Facebook. Content producers can directly embed the SmartReplay player into their Facebook Apps and their Facebook pages’ tabs.

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