Chicago Bulls - SmartReplay

Chicago Bulls launch SmartReplay

The well known NBA franchise Chicago Bulls chose to use SmartReplay to improve its post-game digital videos’ efficiency.

“Too much content”?


Like any other great club, the Chicago Bulls are producing more and more digital content to conquer new audiences. But producing a lot costs time and money. The more clubs make content, the more their content’s return on investment decreases.

This is due to our current digital distribution system’s linearity. As space is limited, clubs have to choose to feature one piece of content only (websites’ headers, Facebook page, etc). This editorial choice makes all other content less efficient – because less exposed.

SmartReplay is breaking the pain that linearity represents. The SmartReplay interactive video player lets the Chicago Bulls promote all of their videos, on the same level. Fans take advantage of an individualized video experience according to their interests, without ever leaving the SmartReplay.

Post-game SmartReplays

Post-game SmartReplays offer a great value add to the Chicago Bulls’ video content.

The NBA franchise chose to test out different SmartReplay formats:

  • By players : users select their favorite player before choosing to watch the player’s highlights


  • By actions : fans first choose the type of actions they want to watch (Dunks, etc) and then select their favorite player’s highlights


Chicago Bulls’ content efficiency and insights

SmartReplay lets the Chicago Bulls track their audience’s behavior and interests in real time in a single comparative video experience.

By empowering fans in their content consumption, the team knows precisely their interests (where they clicked, how long they stayed on different videos, which videos performed best). They can then produce better content that perfectly fits their audience. 

Like AS Roma soccer club did, Chicago Bulls can multiply by 3 to 4 the number of videos watched by users. This fans-first approach lets them generate unprecedented user retention, addiction and engagement.

Watch the Chicago Bulls’ latest SmartReplay here:

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