FC Barcelona chooses SmartReplay

The iconic Spanish football club started producing two SmartReplays to boost fan engagement before and after their Champions League match against Chelsea FC. FC Barcelona discovered the true efficiency of the SmartReplay product with their own videos.

Increasing the Barça media impact


FC Barcelona is the leading european club in terms of social media footprint. They have the most shares, retweets, likes and follows in the whole continent. Their media strategy is unprecedented in terms of impact and digital production means.

But like any other club in an open digital world, they struggle to efficiently retain and engage fans on their own website.

Sports clubs’ digital landscape is fragmented (they published a large amount of editorial pieces a day), and there is very few advantages to subscribe to the Premium version of their digital TV, as fans already have access to the replay of their teams’ full matches via their sports cable operator.

Barça’s objective was to use SmartReplay to centralize videos into one single interactive video experience in order to increase value add on their platforms. They aimed at efficiently retaining and engaging fans while making them discover content they aren’t used to watch.

Barça’s Pre-Match SmartReplay

One of the challenges of clubs’ production teams is that they have too much content to promote. They have to decide which videos to highlights: meaning other videos will automatically be undermined. 
SmartReplay tackles this challenge: the format lets users decide which videos they want to watch.

FC Barcelona used this advantage to promote their archive content. Their pre-game SmartReplay features top Barça, Messi and Ronaldinho performances against Premier League teams.

Thanks to the SmartReplay platform, FC Barcelona had a complete data report about the behavioral impact of their content. They precisely knew which matches and which players had the most clicks and the best video completion rates.

Post-Match SmartReplay: a full interactive recap


After their match against Chelsea, FC Barcelona once again produced a large amount of videos. Publishing them within the SmartReplay video player gave their fans the opportunity to find all the relevant content they could find about the match (Highlights, reactions, behind the scenes) in one single place.

Once again, SmartReplay let FC Barcelona track users’ behavior and interests in real time.

Retention, Engagement and Data

SmartReplay improved Barça fans’ retention and engagement, with an average of 3.6 videos watched per user. Also, FC Barcelona had a complete data report about users’ clicks, interests and behavior in the SmartReplays, giving them great insights for their content production strategy.

Finally, SmartReplay improved Barça content that is traditionnally less efficient. Users clicked more on popular content (highlights) but watched longer less popular content (behind the scenes, reactions, extra content). When given contextualized choice, users stay longer and consume more different content.

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