M6 and Yahoo! increase user retention

The third biggest French TV channel along with chose to use SmartReplay for an interactive coverage of the French presidential campaign. They used SmartReplay to boost user retention.

M6 & Yahoo’s Challenge

M6 & Yahoo! produce tons of video content on a daily basis. For the presidential campaign, they were looking for an engaging format that could both individualize content and be used as an editorial tool.

M6 & Yahoo! did a series of seven SmartReplays. They chose to make SmartReplays about all the candidates’ meetings. Instead of watching two-hours long meetings, users could directly watch specific content according to their interests. They could directly watch content related to topics like “Work”, “Environment”, “Economy”, “Diplomacy”, etc.

These SmartReplays were embedded into M6 and Yahoo! France websites.

Great user retention and video completion

We had several indicators showing the efficiency of SmartReplay : 

  • Up to 67% completion rate per SmartReplay (incuding all videos)
  • Up to 8 choices made per SmartReplay

This data shows that users really take advantage of SmartReplay to individualize their experience. With 8 videos watched per user, there is a great retention rate in the product.

The fact that there is up to a 67% average completion rate shows that when given a contextualized choice, users are eager to discover more content.

A game changing editorial tool

SmartReplay was primarly used as an editorial tool during the Presidential campaign. Thanks to their SmartReplays’ data, M6 & Yahoo! journalists could precisely know their audience’s political interests.

Based on SmartReplays’ data, M6 journalists could ask the right questions to the canditates on live TV.

On the video below, the journalist asks Emmanuel Macron about his programme for salaries, as two thirds of the audience clicked on “Work” menu and on “Salaries” submenu.  

SmartReplay allowed M6 & Yahoo! broadcasters to prove that they are close to their audience’s interests while pioneering a new kind of DIY storytelling.


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