SmartReplay® : Towards a one-to-one communication model

Digitalization allowed mass media to adapt their video production to new uses. However, media and broadcasters have reproduced the traditional communication model that made their success through the twentieth century. They haven’t developed strong tools to break their linear content and reach individuals rather than reaching masses. Individualization of service through the web is however omnipresent in other sectors of the economy.

SmartReplay® is a concept, a trademark and a product. It was unthinkable before the invention of the Internet. SmartReplay allows mass media companies to individualize their online content.

Is message still the media ?


Mass media has nearly always existed. From Middle-Age heralds to the invention of print, radio and television techniques : everytime, a sender sends a message to a receiver, thanks to a medium. This receiver is always considered as being the sum of several individuals (“the public”, “the audience”). Internet did not change this way of communicating. Social networks and online platforms offer an individualization of newsfeeds, but contents are still linear and made to reach masses. Traditional news and broadcasting companies simply upload their linear content to the web.

To watch or not to watch


Linearity of content was seen as being linked to the nature of the medium. Actually, it locks down all the engagement and tracking potential digital techniques and improvement offers.

In video content, users only get two options : to play, or to pause content. To watch, or not to watch.

The consequence is that traditional media companies get metrics corresponding to their linear vision of content. They know their audience’s “average viewing time” and “number of shares” on social networks. That’s it.

Towards a one-to-one communication model


We worked as journalists in major French news companies for several years. We faced the limits of our digital communication system : audience shares are shrinking, users are looking for an engagement and an individualization they rarely find, media companies struggle to find a strong digital product different from their linear contents, and the public claims journalists are disconnected from their preoccupations.

At Geyser Interactive, we want to connect directly the media to their audience. We want to reconcile both parts. That is why we created SmartReplay®. More than a product, it is both a trademark and a concept. 

SmartReplay® is an interactive video format that allows users to get a 100% individualized content, according to their interests. The sender (media, video producers) can precisely measure their audience’s behavior. 

The user can navigate into the product as he/she wishes, according to his/her preoccupations, on any device.

Editorial tool


SmartReplay® was inaugurated on both M6 TV channel and Yahoo! France website for the French presidential campaign. SmartReplays were made about the candidates’ meetings. They were delivered at H+2 after we got corresponding footages. The morning after, behavioral data were delivered to M6 journalists. M6 chose to use these data on live-TV to drive the interviews of the major candidates according to Yahoo! and M6 users’ behavior on SmartReplay®.
Demo with one of Emmanuel Macron’s meeting :

Training and communications


SmartReplay® is a global revolution of our traditional communication model. This product and concept aims at deeply changing the way we deliver and consume video content, far beyond media purposes.

SmartReplay® allows to create engaging e-learning products and new communication content.

This month, Geyser is working for Vinci Autoroutes (French highways’ main operator) and Pôle Emploi (national Jobcenter) for their internal training, HR communications and public communications needs.

Yacine Sahnoune

Founder and CEO

Geyser Interactive

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