SmartReplay provided the 1500 VINCI Autoroutes' employees with 100% individualized video content for e-learning purposes.

Video : “nobody watches ten-minute long content !”

VINCI Autoroutes, the biggest French highways private operator, made an internal communication operation with SmartReplay® to prepare its teams for their biggest annual event : the Étapes Estivales 2017. The objective was to train 1,500 employees who animated highways rest areas all summer long, thanks to SmartReplay’s interactive video.

SmartReplay allowed VINCI employees to get 100% individualized e-learning content on any device according to their choices and interests.

Olivier Capgras is chief marketing manager at VINCI Autoroutes.


Why did you choose to use SmartReplay for internal communications ?


Olivier Capgras : In big firms, we just have tons of videos. So much that we litterally don’t know what to do with it. For example, if I want to show the whole marketing program of one of my main events, I have to send my employees a ten-minute video. Nobody is going to watch it ! SmartReplay allows us to individualize our content directly.

This product allowed VINCI Autoroutes employees to get to know our event’s programme according to their preccoupations and to their interest.

What was the impact of this interactive video product ?


Everybody loved SmartReplay. We had great messages from regional and local managers in the whole VINCI Autoroutes network. There was a keen interest from both managers and employees towards SmartReplay.

  • On one hand, it is a mobile digital product that looks like an “interactive tutorial” and that addresses a real pain for big firms by individualizing training video content.
  • On the other hand, there is a great user interface and intuitive graphic elements that make SmartReplay a must-have.

It is far more educational and playful than traditional media (print, linear video) that we usually use for both internal and public communications. 

What was the impact of your employees’ participation to this product ?


SmartReplay meets VINCI Autoroutes’ communicationnal philosophy : giving voice to our employees and managers. It was a great opportunity to film them so they could give the 1,500 trainees proper individualized advice with their own words.

SmartReplays’ interactive approach allowed to reinforce the “human” aspect of our communication plan.

We also integrated humouristic subtitles into the product : our employees really loved it !


Can SmartReplay become an anovoidable communicationnal tool ?


There is a great added value compared to traditional tools. I would advice large firms to use SmartReplay. They need to individualize their communicational content to become more efficient.

At VINCI Autoroutes, we are planning to use SmartReplay for promoting ideation or big events on our highway network.

Concerning external communications, we are working to create a bridge between SmartReplay and the physical world. We will integrate QR codes to our flyers and posters on highways’ rest areas. It will allow any of clients to access this innovative product.

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