Viva Technology : a great business opportunity

More than 6 000 start-ups were exposing at Viva Technology, the biggest european show dedicated to innovation. These start-ups have all partenered with big French firms like AccorHotels, PMU (horse racing), Carrefour, TF1 (TV channel), Publicis (communication agency), and Orange (telecom), to expose on their stand. They all proposed breathtaking experiences.

From a headset


VR Headsets (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive…) were the big stars of this Viva Technology event. One could try them pretty much anywhere :

  • On TF1 media lab : you could explore Koh Lanta hostile jungle in 3D or live a The Voice audition in virtual reality.
  • On Orange lab : a breathtaking experience where you could fit a VR headset and play tennis on Rolland Garros tennis court !
  • On Carrefour lab : virtual reality was used as a new way to experience retail. You could do shopping at home, with a VR headset.

All day long, these corporate labs proposed pitch-sessions, keynotes and breathtaking experiences. These firms all competed to have the best lab in Viva Technology.

Behind the “Waw” effect


Thousands of start-ups were exposing on little “corners”. Big corporate firms gave them two squared meters to expose and talk business with professionnals. lus discrètes, les milliers de start-ups qui constituaient le “gros” de Vivatech étaient situées sur des petits “corners” : des stands de deux mètres carrés accordés par les grandes entreprises, afin de donner aux entrepreneurs un lieu d’exposition et d’échange business. 

Business and useful innovation was not about virtual reality breathtaking experiences.

Two laptops, a demo, a deck of business cards and a lot of motivation : that was what a “normal start-up” looked like at Viva Technology. They showcased a lot of innovations that were directly relevant to the market :

  • Bots : with chatbots concerning pretty much anything (from HR management to corporate communications)
  • Video : A lot of start-ups proposed tools to boost video content (with non-intrusive ads, multicamera live experiences)
  • Algorithms : With facial recognition, image recognition, HR management
  • Platforms : As usual, a lot of platforms managing anything (work, management, communications, scheduling-process…).

A lot of innovations were about automatizing processes of large firms (from HR to corporate communications).

SmartReplay® at Viva Technology


We were on TF1 French TV channel “News corner”. We participated to keynotes about “disruptive news content and formats”, pitch sessions, and we made demonstrations of our SmartReplay® product.

It was the first time we could present our product, live, to random users and general public.

They were all really fond of SmartReplay®. The general public saw a real interest to improve its experience of news and sports content. Media, news companies and broadcasters saw a great opportunity to get to know their audience better.

Many large media companies and broadcasters are willing to integrate SmartReplay® to their production and broadcasting process in September 2017.

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